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Step Backwards with Psychoactive Bill: Volume XV Editorial

Psychedelic Press Volume XVFrom Psychedelic Press Volume XV: One step forwards, and it appears we’ve taken two steps back. Perhaps then a side-shuffle to avoid the oncoming carnival of an ever-transforming everyday world, only to find that it doesn’t actually look a great deal different from our new vantage point. Indeed, the chains of identity appear […]

DMT & My Occult Mind Lite by Dick Kahn

DMT & My Occult Mind: Lite by Dick Kahn | Self-published | 2019 DMT & My Occult Mind: Investigations of Occult Realities using the Spirit Molecule by Dick Kahn was originally published in 2017, and ran to almost 700 pages. Along with a recent sequel (DMT & My Occult Mind II, 2019), Kahn has also created a Lite version […]

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